Teaching and public speaking comes naturally to me. Helping people learn is a big part of my personality. I have done many projects in the area of consulting and teaching. I was a developer of a multi-class program of over eight different photographic seminars that were taught, in rotation, at Helix Photoart (a local photo store). I was also an instructor in many of these seminars. I have instructed participants in photo classes held at Ritz Camera and Image on many different photographic topics. In the past I have taught an accredited class at both Mount Mary College, as well as the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

I am currently consulting and teaching individuals, businesses, and organizations on many photo related topics. I can be hired as a one-on-one consultant, or as a group teacher. Topics that can be covered include: SLR camera systems, digital camera systems, digital photography, portraiture, photo lighting, wedding photography, digital restoration, digital colorization, lens selection, Photoshop basics, and advanced Photoshop techniques.

I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

If you or your company needs consultation in any of these areas, you may contact me for more information.

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