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Ira Bordo - Moscow, Russia

Fred Hatt Body Painting

Fine Art Nude Images by Marshall Lee

Albright Creative Imagery
Organic, Fine Art Photography

I believe that every photographer is a story teller. This is my story. The story of a German photographer living in Tokyo, Japan.

Joe Jackson rode in on the New Wave of UK rock in the late 70's, replete with sharp suits, sharp attitude and sharp musical hooks. His 1979 debut album, Look Sharp , was a tour de force of post-punk rock musicianship with piano man Jackson leading an ace band made up of drummer Dave Houghton, bassist Graham Maby and guitarist Gary Sanford. The band was the rock equivalent of a well-made clock, with each musician playing an integral part in pumping out Jackson's short, punky pop gems, including the hit "Is She Really Going Out With Him?"

From the soaring highs of the bagpipes to the deep pulse of the Australian didgeridoo, two Aussie siblings, Hamish and Angus Richardson, have defied convention and proudly invented "mongrel music". BROTHER first-timers often approach the band, put a fist to their chest and say: 'I really felt it here'. Nothing defines our music better than that.

What is Wookiefoot ?!? A Band, Psychedelic Circus, Artist collective, Globe trekking Bliss Junkies....Well, it's all this and more…a high energy magical phenomenon sustained by a large beautiful family of players and believers. We are ordinary people being supported to do extraordinary things. Witnessing so many people around us discover their gifts, and providing an outlet for this spontaneous energy to erupt, remain our inspiration and joy that fuel this ship.

Keller Williams

Keller Williams has been called guitar's mad-scientist, a one-man-band for the new millennium and dozens of other clever sobriquets dreamed up by fans and music journalists trying to get a handle on his uplifting and ever-shifting style of music. Williams is considered by some but not by himself, to be a master of the acoustic guitar, known for his ability to solo over layers of spontaneously created loops. He is a generous performer who plays down to earth acoustic music that defies any effort to find a convenient pigeonhole. If pressed for a definition, Williams, as adept with language as he is with a guitar pick, calls it “solo, acoustic jazzfunk reggae technograss” - or simply - “solo acoustic dance music.”

The fans get it.
590 thousand albums sold. Performances in front of half a million fans worldwide in 2004 alone. 150,000+ unique web visitors each month. Prestigious festival gigs, like New Orleans Jazz & Heritage, Telluride Bluegrass, Newport Folk. Sold–out headlining shows at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre, New York's Radio City Music Hall and San Francisco's Warfield Theater. A New Year's run that annually sells upwards of 20,000 tickets. A thriving, innovative family of businesses including a record label, in-house ticketing, merchandise and travel agency.

Milwaukee Convention & Visitors Bureau
Welcome to Milwaukee, a jewel of the Great Lakes. You'll enjoy discovering the superb outdoor recreational opportunities afforded by our beautiful waterfront location, the breadth of arts and cultural offerings rivaling those of cities twice our size, and the rich mosaic of cultures and ethnicities that built our city and retain a strong presence today.

So much to do, so little time. Whether your idea of the perfect day is 3 hours in a gallery, 6 walleyes in the boat or 18 holes of golf, we've got you covered.

Wisconsin boasts stunning natural beauty, with abundant lakes, forests and rolling hills that transform through four distinct seasons each year. Wisconsin is also rich in arts, historic and cultural attractions. Wherever and whenever you'd like to visit, the information for planning a perfect Wisconsin getaway is right here.

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