Photographic restoration has been done for many years. In the past all work was hand done on the original image, now the work has been moved to the computer. Images are scanned and loaded into the computer, that way the original photo cannot be damaged while it is being worked on. Restoration can help take out dust, dirt, stains, repair rips and creases, and fix faded or discolored images. All work is done with many different tools using Photoshop. Depending on how damaged the original image is, the amount of time (and price) will be different for each item.

Below are samples of finished images I have worked on.

If you or your company has a project that you need work done on, I would be happy to help you. Feel free to click the contact button below for more information.

- click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger version with source images-

01_Photo 02_Photo 03_Photo
04_Photo 05_Photo 06_Photo
07_Photo 08_Photo 09_Photo
10_Photo 11_Photo 12_Photo
13_Photo 14_Photo 15_Photo

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