I have worked my “photo magic” on a variety of images. These include things I have been hired to do as well as personal projects. Photo manipulation includes collages, removing or adding subjects in an image, changing colors, cleaning up a face or clothing in a portrait, lightning / darkening, changing hues / saturation, and adding shapes, text, logos, or graphics. I am not a graphic designer, but if you have a vision, I can help you make it happen. Although most elements of my work are done using Photoshop, I also have experience using Illustrator, Publisher, Powerpoint, and Dreamweaver.

Below are samples of finished images I have worked on.

If you or your company has a project that you need work done on, I would be happy to help you. Feel free to click the contact button below for more information.

- click on the thumbnail to bring up a larger version with source images-

01_Photo 02_Photo 03_Photo
04_Photo 05_Photo 06_Photo
07_Photo 08_Photo 09_Photo
10_Photo 11_Photo 12_Photo
13_Photo 14_Photo This space available.

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